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"Thanks to the SEAS team, I am confident that even less tech-savvy users can complete a comprehensive and compliant IEP."

Ellen J. Stoltz, PhD | Hartford, CT

"I have always said good things about SEAS to other educators, and you can bet that I will be totally singing your praises in the future."

Sandy Coca | Las Vegas, NM

"I want to say thank you for all the work you have put into our forms!"

Carmen LaBarge | Wichita, KS

"The SEAS staff has been very receptive to our requests and able to implement them with minimal time constraints."

Melissa Cooper | Littleton, CO

"SEAS Education has always responded in a timely and creative way to meet our needs and requests."

Cody Hanagan | Artesia, NM

”SEAS allows my teachers to work directly with an IEP page, rather than data entry."

Michele Harris | Sussex, VA

"It can’t get any better than our experience with SEAS!”

Clara Allred | Twin Falls, ID

SEAS IEP contains the essential functionality required by districts for collaboration and compliance in their special education processes, including messaging, timelines, and reporting.

The forms-centric interface of SEAS makes the process of writing and monitoring progress on IEPs straightforward and intuitive. Among the key features built into SEAS IEP are: field-specific color coding for compliance, page-specific collaboration messaging, timeline compliance summary reports, user-defined narrative banks for easy insertion of common statements, ad hoc report designer, painless student record transfer, deep integration with Student Information Systems (SIS), dozens of quick-glance reports, free updates of all state-issued forms, and much more. Because Special Education does not exist in isolation, users can also utilize SEAS IEP and SEAS Achieve to manage forms packets and plans for Autism, Behavior (BIPs and BSPs), RTI, ELL, Section 504, Gifted & Talented, Title I, College & Career Readiness (CCR), and Early Childhood (Pre-K).

Please contact us to schedule a demonstration or to ask a question:

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